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NFP Articles

A Short History of Natural Family Planning (2016)

Nature, Scripture and the Sexual Revolution (2016)

What Couples Have a Need and a Right to Know (2016)

Marriage Preparation: What Couples Have a Need and a Right to Know (2015)

Ecological Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing (2015)

The Influence of Contraception and NFP on Society (David Prentis, 2015)

A Catholic Case for Humanae Vitae (2013)

The Right Kind of NFP (2012)

Refilling the Empty Pews: Can an NFP Course Be an Agent of Evangelization (2012)

NFP Instruction: Organ Recital or New Evangelization (2012)

Natural Family Planning & the New Evangelization (2011)

Sexual Revolution, Part 1 (2008)

Sexual Revolution, Part 2 (2008)

The Sin of Onan (2007)

The U.S. Bishops Pitch Natural Family Planning (2007)

Understanding Humanae Vitae (2007)

The Influence of One Priest (2007)

NFP Courses: Asking Questions Can Be Helpful (2006)

John Kippley's Covenant Theology of Sex (Tracy Jamison, 2006)

Holy Communion: Eucharistic and Marital (2005)

Reasons for Natural Family Planning (Msgr. William B. Smith, 2005)

The Repentant Sterilized Couple (2005)

The Facts of Life and Marriage (W. Bradford Wilcox, 2005)

A Prophecy Fulfilled (Dick Cremins, S.J., 2002)

The Disintegration of the Family and Casti Connubii, 70th Anniversary (2001)

NFP: The Various Components (2001)

Two By Two (1998)

Truth or Consequence: 65 Years of Contraception Takes Its Toll (1996)

Casti Connubii: 60 Years Later (1991)

Apologetics and Birth Control (Nov 1990)

Casti Connubii A Birthday to Celebrate (Dec 1990)

Humanae Vitae at Age 20 (1988)

A Covenant Theology of Sex (1983)

Cephalad Shift of the Cervix Uteri
(Edward Keefe, M.D. 1977)

Assessment of Gestational Age (Konald Prem, MD. 1976)

Continued Dissent: Is It Responsible Loyalty? (1971)

Regarding the Reliability of the Temperature Method for the Prevention of Conception (G. K. Doering, MD 1967)

Dr. Prems talk: What About Rhythm? And the Benefits of Temperature (Konald A. Prem, MD., after 1963)