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Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach

Sunday, October 7th, 2018

Natural Family Planning International is different from every other NFP organization because of our completeness.  That’s why we title our NFP manual as Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach.

Chapter 1 is an evangelical effort that places the teaching of Humanae Vitae in the context of faith in the Church based on the Last Supper promises of the Lord Jesus.  It offers theological support for Humanae Vitae through the covenant theology of  the marriage act.  For more on that, see my Sex and the Marriage Covenant: A Basis for Morality (Ignatius, 2005).  This is the theology that helped to persuade Kimberly and Scott Hahn to accept Catholic teaching on birth control when they were still Protestants, and that was their first step toward full communion with the Church.  See their Rome Sweet Home.

Chapter 6 deals with Ecological Breastfeeding.  This is the most natural of all the forms of birth spacing.  And it DOES work when properly understood and practiced.  For more on that, see The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding (Lulu 2008).

The how-to chapters are based on the crosschecking system refined by Dr. Konald A. Prem, then a professor of OB and Gyn at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Except for the witness statements in Chapter 7, the text is in Q and A format, thus making it easy to read and understand.  It also has a comprehensive index.

The NFPI website has a trove of information for anyone interested in the various aspects of natural family planning.

John F. Kippley, President
NFP International

Natural Family Planning: We are no longer with CCL.

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

When I play tennis with a certain friend, a daily communicant, we usually end up talking about the Church. On July 2, her first question to me was “Are you going to the CCL conference on Humanae Vitae?” She had no idea we were no longer associated with the Couple to Couple League. Nor did she know that CCL dropped the three basic teachings we brought to this organization when we founded it in 1971. Another Catholic friend, also a daily communicant, also assumed we would be going to the CCL Humanae Vitae conference in our city and knew nothing of our separation.

My husband prays daily that CCL will return to the original Triple Strand: the covenant theology of sexuality, ecological breastfeeding, and Dr. Konald A. Prem’s flexible version of the sympto-thermal method. All of these teachings were dropped by CCL in 2007.

These teachings continue to be taught by Natural Family Planning International and by a few CCL chapters in Europe.

For more information, read Battlescarred: Justice Can Be Elusive by John F. Kippley.  (50% discount at until end of July)  The early part of this book relates events of 50 years ago that led us to teach NFP.

Sheila Kippley

Natural Family Planning International is Unique!

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

Our apostolate is in very great need of funds.  We address the primary moral problem of this country: namely, the sexual revolution that started with the acceptance of unnatural forms of birth control.  We are also unique in teaching and promoting Ecological Breastfeeding according to the Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding. This form of nursing and baby-care ensures that mother and baby are together and that the baby will be able to suckle frequently.  It DOES postpone the return of fertility.  It also maximizes the already great benefits of breastfeeding, benefits that include reduced risks of at least 21 health problems for babies and another half-dozen benefits for the mothers.

We are also almost unique among pro-life organizations in our theological teaching.  Namely, that “Sexual intercourse is intended by God to be, at least implicitly, a renewal of the marriage covenant.”  That gives real meaning to the human sex act.  Animals “have sex.”  Only married human persons can engage in an act that is, or at least ought to be, a renewal of their marriage covenant.  Meaning really does matter.

There are a zillion non-profit organizations that seek to help those who are the casualties, in one way or another, of the sexual revolution.  Please note: the single greatest source of new poverty is the household headed by a single woman with children.  We seek to reduce that poverty by teaching that sex acts outside of marriage are intrinsically dishonest.  Once that thinking becomes once again part of our culture, there will be a huge reduction in the number of those who are in one-parent, out-of-wedlock families.

Please help our apostolate as much as you can.  We will greatly appreciate it.

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John F. Kippley
NFPI President and volunteer