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Natural Family Planning International

Sunday, November 5th, 2017
  • We need your help to keep sharing this information with those who seek us on the internet. The NFPI teaching manual, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach, is available online for only $10.
  • We need your help to keep offering personalized instruction with the NFPI Home Study Course. Users typically give it a 9 or 10 in their evaluation. No matter how small their town or how irregular their schedule, anyone can now have first-class instruction at their own pace.
  • You know that marital contraception is the elephant in the living room, the rectory and even the sanctuary. You know that the widespread acceptance of marital contraception has led not only to the consequences predicted by Blessed Paul VI but also to the widespread acceptance of both marital sodomy and same-sex sodomy and now to widespread societal acceptance of same-sex “marriage.”
  • Please help us to keep making a difference. Please help us to educate priests and bishops. Help us to reach out to couples via contemporary media. Please help us to share these beautiful teachings with the entire Church and the world.  Please make a difference in the lives of pastors and their people by generously supporting the NFP International apostolate.

Please send your most generous gift to NFP International. Everything helps, both large and small.   Thank you very much for your help.  We will use it well.  Donations are very much needed to keep NFPI alive.
John and Sheila Kippley, Co-founders and volunteers

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Sheila Kippley


Natural Family Planning International

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

The teachings of NFP International are listed below.

Ecological breastfeeding truly does space babies without periodic abstinence.  Repeated research shows that mothers who follow the Seven Standards of eco-breastfeeding experience extended breastfeeding infertility.  St. John Paul II encouraged mothers to breastfeed for at least two years and beyond.

The New Evangelization helps couples to understand how Jesus is the author of the teachings of the Church including its difficult moral teachings.

Teaching Catholic morality means letting couples know that it is morally wrong to engage in masturbation and marital sodomy at any time including the fertile time.  Due to our culture, this is a necessary part of teaching marital chastity.

The Covenant theology is a straightforward statement about the meaning of sexual union.  “Sexual intercourse is intended by God to be, at least implicitly, a renewal of the marriage covenant.”  A common reaction is “That makes sense.“  In fact, it makes such good sense that it has helped non-Catholics to accept Catholic teaching on birth control and eventually enter the Church.

All signs of fertility and infertility are taught in a highly effective cross-checking way.

Sheila Kippley
Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach  (the NFPI teaching manual)



Natural Family Planning International

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Isn’t NFP just another name for Catholic birth control?
Every good that God has given us can be misused.  That’s why it’s important that NFP instruction transmit authentic Catholic teaching about having children.  We quote generously from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Humanae Vitae, and St. John Paul II, and it is appreciated as indicated in the following true statement.
     John, we came to your class with the idea of having only two children and were looking for some sort of Catholic approved birth control.  Your NFP course opened our eyes and we are so happy to have our eight children.

Is there any real need for NFP instruction for most couples?
In his 1981 Familiaris Consortio, St. John Paul II wrote, “Every effort must be made to render such knowledge [about fertility] accessible to all married couples and also to young adults before marriage.”

Does Natural Family Planning International fill this need?
NFP International (NFPI) fills this need in several ways.  By way of content, NFPI is unique.  We teach all the common signs of fertility and infertility in a highly effective cross-checking way; we also teach Ecological Breastfeeding which is the most natural form of baby spacing. We do all of this in the context of the New Evangelization, Catholic morality, and a Covenant Theology of sexuality.

More next week on the teachings of NFPI.
Sheila Kippley