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Breastfeeding: Its Power and Bedsharing

Monday, April 25th, 2011

The following references provide valuable information about breastfeeding.  Enjoy!

The Power of Mother’s Milk:;videoMetaInfo

The Benefits of Bedsharing and Breastfeeding: At

SIDS Risk with Infant Formula; Risk of SIDS is reduced by half with breastfeeding.

He is Risen! For those interested in the Glorious Mysteries this Easter Week, see  Seven Day Bible Rosary

Sheila Kippley

NFP International: Unique and Complete

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

We believe that NFP International is unquestionably the most complete NFP program, and it is one of the few that address the issue of marital chastity during the fertile time. It is also the type of apostolate encouraged by the Fathers of Vatican Council II in their Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity:
Among these associations [in the apostolate of the laity], those which promote and encourage a closer harmony between the everyday life of the members and their faith must be given primary consideration (n. 19.2).

Among these associations, moreover, international associations or groups of Catholics must be especially prized today (n. 21).

A conversion to NFP: I am glad I read your manual.  Specifically, I have a testimony for you. I actually received a word from God a few years ago, around the time my daughter had turned one. I was a brand new Christian then and hadn’t even read through the Bible yet, I don’t think. I was just learning what it meant to have a relationship with God. I felt that He spoke to me to trust Him with my fertility and the spacing of my children. At that time, my husband and I were still using barrier methods of birth control. I never did well on birth control pills, and I’m glad, because I’ve since learned of their abortifacent qualities.
So, I told my husband what I felt that God was saying to me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really explain it then. I just believed that’s what He had told me. My husband wasn’t comfortable at that point giving up control. So, I just prayed about it again and gave it back to God. It was actually a crisis of faith for me for a while. I knew that God wanted me to submit to my husband. I also knew that He didn’t want me to use birth control. But, I couldn’t explain or understand why birth control was biblically wrong. Yet, I grew increasingly more uncomfortable using it and told my husband so. Still, he didn’t understand and wasn’t ready to welcome another child.
Well, this last year, I met a Catholic friend. When she first told me that she used Naturally Family Planning instead of artificial birth control, I really didn’t understand what that was, and my first reaction was that it sounded silly. I thought that it was either use artificial birth control, or just let the babies come as they will. Well, in the mean time, I have been having difficult, painful, heavy, and irregular periods for most of my adult life. I had a particularly bad one recently and happened to be with my Catholic friend that day. She mentioned that I could use NFP and better nutrition to find out what might be going on and improve my health. Then I was all ears! When I read your manual and the covenant theology, it was like it just logically laid out exactly how I felt about the issue of birth control and what I had felt God speaking to me, but couldn’t explain. My husband read about one page of your manual, and that was it. We are never using birth control again. He understands that it is unbiblical and ethically wrong, and, just like that, my 3-year prayer is answered. I can’t thank you and your wife enough for what you do, and I will continue to contribute to help you get the word out about NFP and God’s plan for sexuality in marriages. God bless you and the work you do.

Want to teach with NFPI?  Contact us.  As our teaching couple in Wichita said recently: “We are having a great time teaching! We love the manual!”

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John F. Kippley

NFP International serves the Church

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Since the confusion of the Sixties and the dissent from Humanae Vitae, the issue of Christian sexuality has been among the most critical issues in the Church.  Perhaps it is THE most critical issue in terms of diocesan and parish life.  The acceptance of the contraceptive revolution by Catholics has had devastating effects on Catholic families, schools and dioceses.  A priest of the Diocese of Peoria had to close his parish school this year, and he told his bishop and parishioners very clearly:
“The efficient cause is simple…no children.  The first cause is the habitual contraception and sterilization mentality of a good portion of married Catholic Christians—in short the culture of death.”

The work of NFP International serves the Church in truly critical areas.  Your funding of NFP International will truly make a huge difference in its ability to serve, and that can mean that your funding can make a significant difference in families, parishes and dioceses—locally, nationally and internationally.  Please donate.

Comments regarding the online manual:
1. My husband and I have been encouraged to try NFP and we are thankful to have this help.
2. I used the NFP method once before and it worked well.  I am looking forward to using it again as a form of natural birth control.  Thank you so much for offering it free to everyone who needs it!!!
3. Chastity and NFP need a revolution and you’re still a big part of it.  Thank You.
4. I’m 22 and just engaged and I haven’t had the chance to learn any of this yet. I’m always amazed when I see how God really did think of everything and that His plan is perfect. It makes me feel like I really am part of a bigger plan and that’s a really good feeling! The manual was easy to understand. I especially love the use of diagrams. I appreciate this manual so much! I have obviously been living in my body my whole life and somehow this manual has made my body seem like a whole new world of wonderful functions that God planned as only God can. The biology and theology included is immensely helpful! Praise God for all that you have done and continue to do and you are in my prayers.
5. Thanks for your work on this subject. I look forward to reading more and learning about a very God-honoring form of family planning.
6. A heartfelt thanks to you and the other volunteers at NFPI!! My fiancee would like to use NFP once we are married, and your downloadable manual has already been a huge help to us. We found the manual thorough yet easy to understand, and appreciate the inclusion of the subjects of morality and theology. May God bless you.
7. Thanks for you Ministry.  The NFP document I downloaded off your website is so easy to follow.  My husband and I have been using an IUD for the last six years after the birth of our second child.  We had tried NFP at the beginning of our marriage, but were disappointed with the little support we received when trying to learn NFP.  We were introduced to the Ovulation Method through our Diocese and were not even aware that the Sympto-Thermal Method existed.  We got pregnant 4 months into our marriage and didn’t even finish the 3rd class.   While our little bundle of joy came to us sooner than we had planned we accepted her with great joy!!! However, because a lack of understanding of the basic tenants of our Catholic faith we had fallen away.    My husband and I, by the grace of God, have recently come back into the Catholic faith and are excited to fully participate!

John F. Kippley
Author of Battle-Scarred: Justice Can Be Elusive
First reviews of Battle-Scarred:
“I have ten more pages to read.  It is an excellent book. I thank John for sharing his experiences.”   Ohio

“John’s book came today.  It is so good.  It is so hard to put down.”  Texas

“I truly enjoyed John’s book; it filled in a lot of blanks for me.”  Iowa