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Natural Family Planning Books by the Kippleys at 50% discount: Sale coming soon.

Sunday, July 14th, 2019

During NFP Week and running through the following World Breastfeeding Week (July 21-August 7), there will be a 50% discount at lulu on the following books:

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The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding  The book to have if you want a natural spacing of births.  An abstinence-free NFP option for couples beginning their families.  Mothers who follow this natural mothering plan may go 1 or 2 years without menstruation after childbirth.  God’s plan for mothers and babies.  The best healthy option for both mother and baby.  Price at $11.99.  Sale at $5.99

Battle-Scarred: Justice Can Be Elusive  The Archdiocese of Regina has recently apologized, but 50 years ago why did a Catholic parish pay the Kippleys to leave Canada and never return?  Read about the early history of the NFP movement and the Couple to Couple League.  Why did the Kippleys start NFP International?  Price at $24.99  Sale at $12.49

Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing: The Ecology of Natural Mothering  This book deals with the culture and how the ecological-breastfeeding mother adapts to a bottle-feeding society. In this classic Harper & Row edition, witnesses express their enthusiasm for eco-breastfeeding.  Price at $14.95  Sale at $7.47

Sale begins July 21st and runs through August 7th.  E-books are not on sale.

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Natural Family Planning and Ecological Breastfeeding

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

The USCCB Diocesan Development Plan has certain standards for teaching natural family planning. Below is John’s writing on the need to have the DDP Standards modified to include Ecological Breastfeeding and the merits of breastfeeding. Below are his written concerns to the director of the DDP.

  1. The Standards need to recognize that there are two distinct form of birth spacing—Ecological Breastfeeding and Systematic NFP.  The current definition of NFP does not include Ecological Breastfeeding, and thus it does not correspond to the full reality.
  2. In addition, the current Standard dealing with breastfeeding deals with it more as a charting problem than something to be encouraged and as the healthiest form of baby care.  Not only teachers but every client should know the tremendous health benefits of breastfeeding AND that the frequency of Ecological Breastfeeding actually DOES act as an abstinence-free natural baby spacer.

I am convinced that the Church has a responsibility to share in the public health effort to increase breastfeeding of any sort and secondly to extend its duration.  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently came out with another effort to promote breastfeeding.  Also, a recent Dutch journal dealing with lung health opposed formula-feeding strongly for families with a history of asthma.  It speculated whether formula should be by prescription-only for such families.

And, if the Church has a responsibility to inform its members about the health benefits of breastfeeding, where can that be done better than in pre-marriage preparation and especially within a required NFP course?

John F. Kippley

Natural Family Planning…What God Has Put together

Sunday, June 30th, 2019

From a letter to a doctor who inquired about our approach to teaching NFP.

When the subject of morality and biological/medical education comes up, I think of a day in the medical school education of my second daughter and her future husband.  The University of Cincinnati medical school brought in an “expert” to explain to the future docs about the patients they might be seeing.  People doing sodomy and whatever with, of course, some consequences.  The whole purpose of the day was to instruct the future docs not to be judgmental.

I would like the medical schools to bring in informed Catholics who could help future docs why believing Catholics believe that unnatural forms of birth control are immoral and thus not be judgmental and thinking that such Catholics and some others are crazy or luddites.  We try to do that in Chapter 1 of our manual.  Explaining Catholic belief in terms not only of the proscription of contraception but also in terms of covenant theology of the marriage act might help some of them.  After all, if that theology helped Kimberly and Scott Hahn accept Catholic teaching on  birth control when Scott considered himself the most anti-Catholic person at their seminary, perhaps it can help others as well.

Anyone who reads our manual will realize that it does not take many words to explain this sort of thing—the idea that the human sexual act ought to be 1) exclusively a marriage act and 2) a true marriage act, a renewal of the marriage covenant.  That simple idea gives meaning to the sexual act.  It helps people to understand the intrinsic dishonesty of 1) sex outside of marriage and 2) marital contraception.

I think that almost every theist can understand that the acceptance of contraception means the acceptance of the idea that modern men and women can take apart what God has put together in the human sexual act.  A couple of questions suffice:  “Who put together in one act what we call ‘making love’ and ‘making babies’?”  A thinking theist has to say, “God.”  “What is contraception except the effort to take apart what God has put together?”  Well, what else?  Thus, the acceptance of marital contraception logically entails the application of that “taking apart” to the entirety of imaginable sexual actions including adultery, fornication, incest, and—of course—the acceptance of sodomy, provided only that the parties are of legal age and have given mutual consent.

If you are dealing with a person who claims to be an atheist, it may be helpful to note that no one can prove that God does not exist.  The logicians have long told us that no one can prove a negative.  If you think it might  be helpful in dealing with an unbeliever, you can give her or him a brochure I developed (at the request of a prisoner) titled “Why Believe?”  Yon can download it (free) at .

I better stop now.  You have hit my hot button.
John Kippley