NFP Home Study Course

The NFPI online natural family planning Home Study Course is one of the most complete and one of the least costly of the NFP programs.  A donation of $70 is requested for the entire course, and the couple taking the course can download one or two copies of the online NFPI manual, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach, for free.  If the engaged man and the woman live in different states, both may take the course. A certificate is given to married or engaged couples who complete the course.

This course follows the content in the NFPI manual.  It supports Church teaching on matters related to family planning and encourages couples to be generous in having children.  It teaches all the fertility signs and their rules and teaches God’s plan for spacing children through the right kind of breastfeeding.  Thus couples learn all their options.

What do the couples say who have taken the course?

“The online course has been very beneficial to me in more ways than I thought would be possible.  I definitely learned more about my religion and how the Church sees and feels about the marital act.  The course definitely has opened my eyes and reshaped and refocused my path to future family planning.  Thank you!”

“After taking this course, I have really learned a lot of things I did not know before.  For example, I learned that we are only fertile for a small window during the month.  I would definitely recommend NFP to anyone who wants to have children.  NFP has taught me a lot and I will benefit from NFP whenever the time comes for me and my future husband to start our family.”

“As a guy I have learned a lot of interesting things about a woman that I never knew about.  Overall, the book helped me to understand more the physical aspect of a woman and I have realized that there is a better and safer way of planning for a future family.”

Sheila Kippley
NFPI Home Study Course

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