NFP International’s Fifth Anniversary for Blogging

On April 23 of this week we celebrate our fifth anniversary of blogging.  333 posts since then!  Our webmaster five years ago suggested we blog, much to our chagrin.  We didn’t need more work added to our schedule.

But we found that expressing our opinions on important issues with a short commentary once each week was “fun.”  In addition, we posted daily blogs each year during NFP Week and during World Breastfeeding Week.

We welcome our visitors to visit the categories of our blogs.  Scroll down on the right side of this blog to view the categories.

Those interested in breastfeeding will find support by reading blogs for World Breastfeeding Week and for Ecological Breastfeeding.  Those interested in natural family planning can find ample support by reading blogs at National NFP Week, Covenant Theology, Humanae Vitae, NFP, Sympto-Thermal Method, and Theology.

Regarding comments, we welcome comments that are related to the topic being blogged and are factual.  Comments which are full of adjectives or promotion but lacking substance are not used.

The visits to our website have grown.  The downloading of our online manual has increased.  Persons from over 100 countries accessed our manual.  We hear from those who have used NFP as a result of our writings and are most appreciative.

A new blog is posted early Sunday morning and remains posted for one week.  We invite you to become a regular weekly visitor.

John and Sheila Kippley

One Response to “NFP International’s Fifth Anniversary for Blogging”

  1. ac says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary, and thanks for persevering.
    Wow, 100 countries: you have answered the call to “go make disciples of all nations” quite quickly. I admire you and your accomplishments.