1. Breastfeeding: Mother and Baby as One

I am starting a series on the importance of the mother’s presence to her baby during the early years.  I am aware that this belief goes contrary to our present culture where everyone, including our government, assumes that the new mother should work or continue to work.  But a different voice needs to be heard.

I am also aware that many working mothers have found ways to be with their baby — whether staying at home or working part- or full-time or they have found ways to reduce the hours away from their babies.   I do not plan to go into those stories.

In a culture with unlimited access to bottles and pumps, we can forget that the most important person in the life of a baby during the early years is the mother.  One of the great advantages of ecological breastfeeding is that God’s plan keeps the baby with the mother.  Where mother is, baby is.  Where mother goes, baby goes.  It’s that simple.

God’s plan is good.

Sheila Kippley

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One Response to “1. Breastfeeding: Mother and Baby as One”

  1. Kimberly says:

    Well I am excited to hear your calm, brilliant voice chime in with its beauty, clash as it may with the chaos of the repetitive, obnoxious clamor of the masses and the government. God Bless You!