The NFP Home Study Course is Inexpensive and Informative!

The NFP Home Study Course is Inexpensive and Informative!

The NFPI Home Study Course receives excellent evaluations form those couples who have taken the course. It is also half the cost of most other NFP programs. More content for less cost.  As a volunteer, I enjoy teaching these couples.  Below are recent comments from those couples who have finished the course in October 2018.

I feel that I have learned a great deal about using my body’s physical signs to understand and track fertility. I also have a greater understanding of the Church’s beliefs regarding fertility practices.

The info given to us over the past few weeks has been thorough. This course was very eye-opening to the world of NFP but also to the marriage covenant we are about to enter into.

This course was very informative and easy to follow. We have benefited from taking this course.

Thank you for all your help! The course was amazing.

We learned more about how to observe the fertility signs to increase our chances of pregnancy. As well as the necessary steps and challenges that follow. I would definitely say that both my fiancé and I have learned something from this course that we did not previously understand.

I’ve gained new knowledge from taking this course and have learned a lot.

There is a lot we did not know when it comes to performing natural family planning. I was not aware that the practices we had been performing was not what God has planned for us.

Sheila Kippley
Home Study Course Instructor

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