Natural Family Planning International: Please Donate

Many organizations are in need of donations and we are certainly one of them.  Our costs are minimal.  Our only paid worker is our full-time Executive Director.

The rest of the work for our Humanae Vitae apostolate is done by volunteers.  Teaching couples through the online Home Study Course, updating our Facebook page, the promotion of Humanae Vitae, and teaching classroom courses is gladly done by volunteers.

Please donate.  We need the financial support.  We are thankful for what you can do to help our ministry.

Sheila Kippley
PS:  On June 12, 2019, a couple completed the Home Study Course.  Here is the comment from the male, a self-identified agnostic, regarding the course:
Thanks so much.  I will sincerely recommend this course to my friends that are due to wed! I think its helpful information to anyone even if they are not Catholic or if they are male! I think it is important to know the natural signs the body gives to indicate periods of fertility and infertility, rather than forcing it to be a certain way via the pill or other unnatural methods. I had no idea there were all of these signs that can be used! I also liked how this book not only talks natural ways of avoiding pregnancy, but also how to naturally increase chances of a successful pregnancy. These will probably come in handy down the road 🙂 Also I do like how this book gives a background into the Catholic teachings and morality regarding different aspects of sex and having children. I think the belief system aligns with what I feel internally is virtuous and brings positive energy into the world.  Thanks again.


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